J Class Management - Newport, RI

Past Projects

Coronet - 1885 Schooner Yacht

Photo: Elizabeth Meyer

Coronet - 1885, C & R Poillon,
Schooner Yacht, 192’ x 28’ x 12’

Coronet is the world's only remaining Gilded Age vessel. Built in 1885 for New York Yacht Club member, Rufus T. Bush, Coronet is 192 feet over all and built entirely of wood, including wooden treenail fastenings. Her history includes sailing around the world twice, rounding the Horn five times, hosting Alexander Graham Bell, the King of Hawaii and the Emperor of Japan on board, a stint as flagship of the New York Yacht Club, providing transport for the first American/Japanese scientific project and transporting missionaries to Palestine and Africa. Coronet has been afloat for all of her 119 years. Her hull planking, frames and ceiling are all original and her Stanford White interior is 90% intact. J Class Management supervised the donation, stabilization, historical documentation, hauling and set up for the complete restoration of Coronet. The ongoing project, supervised by the International Yacht Restoration School, will return Coronet to her original, nineteenth-century configuration with no engine or electricity on board . Visitors are encouraged to come and see this restoration at the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) in Newport, Rhode Island. To read more about Coronet and IYRS, please go to www.yachtcoronet.org.

Endeavour - 1934 J Class Sloop

Photo: KOS

Endeavour - 1934, Camper & Nicholsons,
J Class Sloop, 130’ x 22’ x 15’8”

Commissioned by British airplane magnate Sir T.O.M. Sopwith for his 1934 America's Cup challenge, Endeavour is regarded as the most beautiful J ever built. Time and circumstances took their toll on Endeavour and by the early 1980's she was a complete wreck with no keel, rudder, ballast or interior.

J Class Management acquired Endeavour in 1984 and undertook a five-year restoration. Since the hull was too fragile to be moved, restoration of the hull, deck, keel, ballast and rudder were completed at Calshot Spit, a World War II seaplane base in Southampton, England. Once she was seaworthy, the boat was launched and towed to Holland where her mast, boom and rigging were built, the engine, generators and mechanical systems installed and the interior joinery completed. The restored Endeavour was launched in 1989. Today she is still considered by many to be the finest sailing yacht in the world.

The restoration of Endeavour, for which J Class provided all the design, management and oversight, is an excellent example of the service we offer our clients.

Hallowe'en - 1926 Yawl

Photo: Benjamin Mendlowitz

Hallowe’en - 1926, William Fife,
Yawl, 81’ x 14.5’ x 10’

A European client hired J Class Management to locate the best classic yacht for him. We chose Hallowe’en, the beautiful, 90’ William Fife yawl. J Class provided complete refit design and management, crew selection and training, trans-Atlantic delivery, brochure design and charter management in the Mediterranean.

The owner's comment: "J Class found me the perfect yacht, made her more perfect still, delivered her to me in perfect condition and then trained my assistant to continue managing the vessel. I would use J Class Management, Inc. for any such services in the future."

Savannah - 1996 Classic Sloop

Savannah - 1996, Pedrick Yacht Designs,
Custom Modern Classic Sloop, 90’

An American yachtsman hired J Class to help him create a modern classic. He was inspired by the J Class sloops, William Fife and a number of other beautiful old yachts, but wanted a boat under 100' long. J Class selected Pedrick Yacht Designs in Newport, Rhode Island for hull and rig design, and John Munford Design in Southampton, England for interior styling. J Class, Pedrick, Munford and the owner worked as a team to create Savannah. Shortly after her launch in 1997 Savannah won ShowBoats International's “Best Sailing Yacht” award. Savannah has sailed and triumphed in many regattas. She was recently sold by Edminston & Company.

Shamrock V - 1930 J Class Sloop

Photo: Daniel Forster

Shamrock V - 1930, Camper & Nicholsons,
J Class Sloop, 124’ x 18’ x 15’

Shamrock V is the first J Class sloop ever built and is the only remaining wooden J. Launched in 1930 for Sir Thomas Lipton, Shamrock V is the only J to have been in continuous commission since her launching. During her years as a cruising boat in the Mediterranean, many changes were made to Shamrock V, altering her looks so that, by 1987, she was no longer recognizable as a J Class Sloop.

J Class assumed management of Shamrock V in 1987. During the next 13 years, J Class oversaw Shamrock V including a major refit for one owner, selling the boat twice and, finally, for the current owner, managing a 100% restoration. This restoration included stripping the boat completely of rig, deck, furnishings and systems, fully restoring the hull to American Bureau of Shipping classification and designing and supervising the construction and installation of a new rig, deck layout, systems and interior.

Since her refit in 2000, Shamrock V has sailed across the Pacific, attended the America's Cup in New Zealand and is now in the Mediterranean.