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Management Team

Elizabeth Meyer and Marcia Johnstone Whitney have been working together at J Class Management for 25 years. Both of us have been sailing since before we were born. We have rowed, paddled, motored, cruised and raced just about every kind and size of boat. At J Class and IYRS, we have restored, managed, rescued, publicized, chartered and sold more boats than we can count. We have organized and publicized enormous regattas and classic yacht cruises. In the process of saving and restoring large yachts, we have overseen the design and construction of boat building facilities, cradles, heavy lifts and marine railways. We have managed the environmental remediation of several boatbuilding sites, and have overseen the restoration of two important historic buildings.

As a team, we have provided all the necessary contracts, insurance, engineering, documentation, financial reporting and oversight, design and construction management, crew selection, training and management, charter management, regatta management and the publicity and marketing for some of the biggest and most famous yacht restorations of all time.

Elizabeth Meyer

elizabeth meyer

Marcia Whitney

marcia whitney